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On this page you will see the different models of shoes biomecanics that we have available in Calzados L'Alqueria. Thanks to the technology endorsed by the valencia biomechanical institute, we will responsibly fit our children. We have a wide collection of biomecanics shoes for children, both online and in our biomecanics store in Valencia.

Remember that on our website you have free shipping and returns on all our products. Buy biomecancis shoes online with the guarantee of being able to try them at home and return them without any problem.

What brand and / or model of shoes should I choose?

There are several key points to keep in mind when buying footwear for your child. The main keys that you should take into account are the weight of the shoe, the sole, the materials with which it is made, the toe and the seams.

  • The flexibility and lightness of the footwear can make your child want to use them or not, and directly influences the comfort that your child will feel with them. In addition, a comfortable, lightweight and flexible children's footwear will give you total freedom of movement so that you can enjoy a thousand and one adventures.
  • The non-slip sole makes it easy to maintain balance. The Biomecanics shoes minimize the risks of falling due to slipping, so that little ones can gain ease and safety by walking firmly and much faster.
  • The support of the foot at this point is very important since it will influence its comfort and stability. It also prevents the appearance of bad posture of the feet and ankles when walking. The best for this aspect, without a doubt, are shoes with velcro since they are easier to put on and fit better to the size of the foot.
  • Manufacturing materials that are natural, breathable and resistant. We want our child's shoe to last as long as possible, in addition to keeping his foot dry and cool. Most Biomecanics shoes are chrome and nickel free
  • The seams can cause your child's foot to rub and hurt.
  • Rounded toe shoes offer more space for your little one's toes, giving more room for movement and ensuring comfort.

What shoe size Biomecanics should I choose?

Shoes should fit both the length and width of your child's foot, loosely and without dancing. In length it is recommended that about 1 cm so that this is the appropriate size. In most biomecanics shoes you @4I6W1 able to extract the insole from the shoe and check using the internal insole that the shoe is "Ok".

Children's feet grow very fast, so you may be forced to buy new shoes every few months. Here is the link to our Size Guide to guide you when choosing the most correct one:

Check out our blog post on what size shoe to choose biomecanics and increase the information about it by clicking HERE.

What type of shoe is most recommended?

In our online store we have a wide variety of children's shoes : sneakers, sports shoes, ankle boots, schoolboys and sandals. Because for us the most important thing is to go with you where you want to take us.

We want you to be able to choose the shoe or sandal that best suits your tastes and needs, always, of course, with the highest quality and comfort offered by the Biomecanics brand of shoes.

We want your child to have footwear adapted to each stage of their growth. For this reason Biomecanics is divided into 3 stages: Biogateo, Bioevolution and Biorunning

We want your little one to play, run and, above all, have fun like the child that he is because, if we have something clear, it is that we manufacture footwear for Children who are Children . For this reason, the Biomecanics shoes are reinforced both in the toe and in the rest of the seams, making the Biomecanics shoes flexible, comfortable but at the same time robust and durable.

Both in Calzados L'Alqueria and Biomecanics , we have and offer all our products with great care and care.

Shoes biomecanics Outlet

At Calzados L'Alqueria, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the best footwear for children. For this reason, we regularly launch offers on all of our shoes. Specifically for cheap biomecanics you can see the best offers at the following link: Shoes Deals Biomecanics .

We recommend that you regularly visit the offers page Biomecanics since discounts appear depending on the stock of the product.

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